How to Prevent Damaging Stains on Teeth

Your smile can look great and impressive if you have clean white teeth. Through laser teeth whitening treatment you can have impressive white looking teeth. This treatment offers the safe, fast and effective way of regaining clean white teeth. As a fact, an hour of treatment can give you instant white teeth.


In order to keep it white and clean for years, you have to protect it from any stains. Yes, you can undergo the same treatment to whiten your teeth, but it will cost you an additional penny. To make your clean, white teeth last for years the below list are the things that you should observe.


  1. Avoid cigarette smoking. Tar from cigarette smoke is one of the stains causing substance that makes teeth turn yellow. It is also one of the stains that are hardest to remove. Abstaining from cigarette smoking is one of the best ways to protect your teeth.
  2. Avoid drinking or eating food and beverages causing teeth stains. Among those beverages to avoid are the tea, coffee, soda, wine, and all carbonated soft drinks. If you can’t avoid drinking these beverages, be sure to use a straw and avoid it from touching the teeth. Some of the foods that you should avoid are the blueberries, Chinese berries, tomato sauce and other foods with food coloring.
  3. Observe proper oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day makes your teeth clean and fresh. It helps remove leftover foods that serve as food for bacteria. Having a dental cleaning at least twice a year is also helpful to keep teeth white and clean.


If you are planning to undergo teeth whitening treatment, consider laser teeth whitening at PureSmile. Rest assured that the treatment is safe and you can have evident clean white teeth in just an hour.