Buying LED Lamps for Best Lighting

When it comes to Buying energy-efficient stuff for lighting, LEDs are widely used by many. LEDs does not need a warmup time and work well in hot and cold weather. They are known to be very good on energy conservation, thus making its lifespan longer that other standard fluorescent bulb. It’s also durable being made of plastic. Additionally, it does not use mercury so it’s assured to be safe for all lightning purposes.

Here are the specifications to check in buying your LED light:

Equivalent Wattage – 1/4 or 1/5 of the incandescent wattage value is just close to what is necessary.

Lumens – Lumens measure how much light can bulb give out all in all. LEDs have a maximum lumen rating, which can last longer even without dimming off the bulb

Color Temperature – This what the light will look like. The lower the value, the warmer it is with 2700-3000K as more incandescent.

Driver Content – LEDs do not run on AC voltage so a driver is necessary to convert the voltage which is from AC to DC. The socket-based LED lighting products as lamps are basically self-driven.